How much does it cost to install polished plaster finishes? One of the key questions every home renovator or interior designer wants to know when thinking of installing polished plaster.

The pricing for the most part will depend on the size of the room or areas to decorate. There are several factors to take into consideration. Firstly, no two projects are ever the same. However we can offer some indicative pricing which will help guide your choices before contacting us to discuss your project and provide an accurate quote.

Let’s consider the work involved. The cost to install polished plaster or microcement varies based on the size and complexity of the project.

Bathrooms are one of the most popular areas to install a polished plaster finish and these usually take around 5-7 days to complete. A small bathroom around 20-30 m2 costs approx. £120-£140 per m2. This is the cost to install polished plaster across the walls of the bathroom.

How much does tadelakt cost

Tadelakt bathroom by C Ferri Interiors

The cost may be slightly higher if there are many complex features such as lots of built in niches or angles to cover. Additionally you’ll need to consider that the cost does not include the work needed to prepare the surface for polished plaster. In bathrooms, for example, this may include filling in old grout lines to provide an even surface. Also for ‘wet rooms’ such as walk-in showers you’ll need to allow for the cost of tanking the floor to ensure it is waterproof. In other rooms in the home this could include cost such as the levelling of floors.

How does the cost to install polished plaster compare to tiling in bathrooms?

The cost of tiling a bathroom can vary considerably in comparison to the cost to install polished plaster. Here’s a few things to think about. Firstly polished plaster can be applied over the top of old tiles, however as previously mentioned the surface will need to be properly prepared first. This preparation is fairly straight forward in comparison to tiling where unless it is new build you’ll need to remove the tiles and make good the walls.

Put simply, when estimating the cost of tiling a bathroom you’ll need to take into account

  • Removal of old tiles

  • Replastering/making good the walls

  • The price of the new tiles

  • The installation cost of the new tiles

  • The price of painting any areas of the bathroom not covered by tiling

Compare this to polished plaster where you just need to consider

  • Preparation cost

  • Cost per m2 to include materials and labour

The cost for larger polished plaster & microcement projects

For larger spaces such as floors and expanses of walls the cost is around £75-£120 per m2. Due to the process of layering the materials and allowing drying time for each layer. Depending on the size, walls take around 5 days to complete. Worktops for kitchens and counters are another popular application for microcement.

Mid grey microcement kitchen floor and island
Kitchen with Microcement floor and island by Ferri Interiors

Microcement for worktops and counters

Again due to the process of applying the layers and drying time, even small worktops will take around 3-4 days. Smaller worktops under 10 m2 are usually subject to an agreed day rate or a minimum of £150 per m2.

Microcement table and worktop by Ferri Interiors


Microcement table by Ferri Interiors

How to get an estimate for polished plaster finishes in your renovation project

If you’d like a polished plaster finish in your renovation project contact us to discuss your plans. We’ll talk you through the various options such as tadelakt, microcement or venetian plaster finishes. In order to start the process you can send us your room measurements. You can also include pictures of your room to help us guide you with pricing and timescales for your project. If you’re still in the building phase send us your inspiration pictures of how you’d like your room to look. We can then talk through all the options for polished plaster finishes with you.

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