Tadelakt is a versatile surface covering. It originates from Morocco where it is found across many different types of Moroccan interior and exterior decoration. Tadelakt is now becoming more popular in the UK. There are so many places to use tadelakt in your home. More and more homeowners choose it for their home decor as a natural, healthy option due to it’s high alkaline anti-mould properties as well as it’s ability to absorb carbon from the atmosphere. Whilst we are all familiar with tadelakt as a waterproof surface in bathrooms there are many other options for it’s use as a decorative surface around the home. Let’s take a look at:

5 Places to use Tadelakt in your Home

1. A Tadelakt Kitchen Splash Back

As a waterproof decorative surface, tadelakt is a perfect alternative to the usual kitchen splash back materials such as tiles, marble and composite panels or coloured glass. Similarly to when in use as a bathroom surface the anti-mould and mildew properties of tadelakt are perfect for wet areas in the kitchen too

2 The Chimney Breast

Chimney breasts are one of the most unexpected places to use tadelakt in your home. With a high heat rating so it is suitable for use in areas around fireplaces and on chimney breasts. Take a look at this Ferri Interiors project where tadelakt plaster creates a feature wall behind a wood burner in a room.

5 places to use tadelakt in your home


 A heat retaining feature wall behind a wood burning stove

It is also a great alternative to tiled inserts, to cover existing fireplaces. Alternatively use it on mantels or to bring a decorative surface to a fireplace interior or hearth 

3 Create a Tadelakt Feature Wall

A feature wall adds character to any room. We usually see feature walls in living rooms and bedrooms where wallpaper or a different paint colour pick out one particular wall to enhance the decor of the room. Tadelakt is an ideal way to add another layer of character, colour and depth into a room. This also works particularly well in bathrooms where in combination with tiles it creates an interesting and contrasting focal point.

4 Exterior Walls

In Morocco where it originates Tadelakt is used both in interior and exterior surface coverings. As the concept of the outdoor room becomes more popular here in the UK, tadelakt is a verstaile addition.

Tadelakt Exterior feature wall



 An outdoor feature wall made from tadelakt

Consider choosing it to create an outdoor feature wall. This works especially well to bring character to small spaces such as city courtyard gardens. A tadelakt feature wall adds interest into the design of  garden features. Combine it with elements such as pergolas, built-in seating and outdoor kitchens for a uniquely creative outdoor space.

5. Steam Rooms and Spas

In the traditional Moroccan Hammam the walls are coated with tadelakt plaster. This locks in the steam for cleansing rituals and a feeling of warmth and wellbeing. With it’s inherent waterproof qualities it is the perfect material for use in steam rooms and indoor pool areas.

tadelakt wall in a hamam

 Tadelakt walls in the interior of a traditional hamam spa

Whether in a private home, a spa or hotel setting, tadelakt brings the spirit of the hammam and it’s centuries of tradition to steam rooms and spas.

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